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Don't let the headache of property management become a burden on your life. Free up your time and your headspace by working alongside an experienced management/leasing company.

Don't Pay

Tenant services

The beauty in the service that we provide to our tenants is not only that we work to find a property that suits your needs, you also don't have to pay us a cent! Working with our leasing agency means that your rights as a tenant are protected, the properties you view are quality-controlled and safe, and you can continue your life while we work diligently to find you the perfect rental. All you need to do is come along for the ride and enjoy your new home!


Property Search

Our base-level service offered to our tenants is of course the property search. At this stage, a knowledgable agent will be appointed to you and discuss all the options we currently have available. If we don't have it already, we will do our very best to try to find it for you.


Protect Your Rights

It can be scary as a renter navigating landlords that they can only hope have their best interests in mind. We try to help tenants mitigate this risk by negotiating on their behalf, or counselling them on their rights as a tenant. It is a sad truth that many tenants have found themselves being taken advantage of by shady landlords focused only on profitability.


Professional Showings

Our agents pride themselves on giving our tenants a professional, and knowledgable, experience viewing our properties. Agents are trained to know their clients needs, and be familiar with our inventory so that they can properly answer any questions you may have.


Move-In Assistance

With over 10 years in the rental industry, our agents are able to make the transition to your new home as smooth as possible. Whether you're a first time renter or new to Canada, we can provide tenants with all the information they need to set up their utilities, schedule movers, order tenant insurance, etc. We will be there with you until you are settled and comfortable in your new space.


Owner-Tenant Dispute Resolution

Our agents, with 10+ years of rental experience, are well-versed in tenancy regulations and can provide council to both tenants and owners dealing with a conflict. our goal in these situations is to de-escalate and provide knowledge that can help both parties come to a fair resolution.


Move-in/Move-out Inspections

These inspections are important for both owners and tenants to ensure that at the end of the tenancy, both the tenant and owner have proof of both pre-existing damages or damages caused during the leasing period. There is no reason that a tenant should have to pay for a previous tenants negligence and have the right to have their deposit returned in full if no new damages were caused.

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